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Siprabi Securities is one of the founder members of Nepal Stock Exchange Limited licensed by Securities Board of Nepal in 1994. . Since then, the firm has rarely missed a day of trading and has served thousands of small investors and corporate traders dealing in shares.

Siprabi Securities is a technology-led stock broker company that provides broking service and are going to be starting margin lending services very soon. We are also expecting fully automated online trading to start in near future.

We have above 28,000 registered customers in our system out of which about 3,000 customers have recently updated their KYC under the new system and placing their orders with us. Over the past 5 years, we have managed NPR 21.33 Billion in client equity and 22,944 active clients accounts.

We believe that our experience of over two decades has helped us to integrate our knowledge and expertise in the broking industry with the technology we provide to our clients.

We are planning to enhance client engagement and experience through the application of emerging technologies to all our services, one of which includes the launch of our mobile application for the broking services in the year 2076.

Our Strengths

  • One of the largest independent full-service broking houses in terms of number of clients on NEPSE with strong brand equity
  • Ensuring client satisfaction through the implementation of advanced technology and digitisation
  • Strong client base
  • Significant market share
  • Track record of continuous growth and strong financial performance
  • Proven and experienced management team and execution strength

Our services

  • Buying and selling of shares as per order
  • Safe-keeping of shares and other financial instruments that clients would be selling in future,
  • Services for transfer of shares within family relationship
  • Market information sharing
  • Helping clients secure loan for buying shares
  • Provide DMAT service to the investors who want their shares to dematerialize.

Our Vision and Mission

We envision to work towards bringing as much of the Nepalese population as possible into capital market all while becoming one of the top stock brokerage houses in Nepal.

To provide the best value for money to every single investors through innovative products, advanced technology, and personalized services midst maintaining a complete harmony between quality of process with continuous improvements to deliver exceptional services that will benefit our clients.

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